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"From a composer's vantage point, what a thrill to hear my pieces come to life through Josh's rich vocal interpretation.  Every phrase is touched with complete dynamic and emotional artistry.  What a blessing to have been connected with such a skilled collaborator! I would gladly work together again should the opportunity arise."

- Denise Eikum, Ohio

"Josh's resonant and powerful voice impresses the listener with the ideas enshrined in the music he selects. He is entirely unselfish in his conduct as a performer, but awes the audience with a masterful and gentle hand, leading the listener to pay attention to each note in each piece."

- Robby from St. Louis, MO

". . . Josh Henn's voice is as profoundly beautiful and prayerful as any I have EVER experienced. Only twice have I experienced seeing colors in hearing music. While listening to his CD, I was IN a rainbow."

- Anonymous, Oregon

“Josh Henn was meant to have a vocal career. He is passionate about music and technically accomplished. Josh's rich tenor voice draws you in from the first note. He has a clear lustrous tone and a beautiful quality to his singing. Josh balances the sheer power and strength of his voice with great tenderness and sensitivity. By connecting with his music and text, Josh is effective in communicating the meaning behind the words. I am always uplifted and inspired by Josh's performance, whether it is a church solo or theatrical song. Josh delivers and will leave a lasting and memorable impression. His love and passion for singing will take him far!”

- Leslie Morton, St. Louis, MO       

"Unlike many musicians, Josh is unassuming and humble. His voice is pleasant, clear, and easy to listen to. However, something magical happens as his voice soars to the climax of the song. His voice is so wonderful and commanding that I literally forget to breathe, every time. His is the kind of voice that music was made for."

- Anonymous, St. Louis, MO

"Josh brings to music a depth of understanding that reaches beyond the diacritical markings on the music score. With his strong voice and clear enunciation, he lets the music soar to its own heights of inspiration for every listener."

- Beth Eggers, St. Louis, MO

"Josh was a professional-level singer, soloist, choir member, and dynamic performer in high school - and he's only gotten exponentially better since then! He is also a very fine person with a stellar work ethic and I recommend him enthusiastically."

- Gil Donatelli, former choir director, Phoenix, AZ

"There's a lightness and joy to Josh's singing that's unutterably infectious - - his voice combines both a deep, understated wellspring of power with a quiet and thrilling tone of pure melody."

- Don Steckler, Old Greenwich, CT

“I have heard Josh sing on multiple occasions and I compare him to someone who would be more than capable of singing in Les Miserable! His vocal gift is just beautiful and his humility makes it that much more pleasing to hear. Most recently he sang for a church service as a soloist and everyone applauded when he finished because they simply could not hold back. I look forward to hearing so much more from Josh and cannot wait to see where life takes him to share it with the world.”
- Christine Fleer, St. Louis, MO


“Josh is a superb vocalist. When I have the chance to listen to his music, I find myself playing his songs over and over. Filled with spirit and soul, his work is inspiring!”

- Katy McKinney, St. Louis, MO

“I have followed Josh's performing of inspirational and classical crossover music for several years now. I have been thrilled, moved and entertained by the quality and presence of his performances. The richness and depth of his vocal ability is astonishing and reaches such levels of connection of music and words that he may be among the best I have heard perform.  Listen and you'll be thrilled too!”

- Jim Swoboda, Santa Barbara, California


“It has been a special privilege to hear Josh share his talents with our church congregation as a soloist every Sunday for the past several months. His presentation is always absolutely awesome, and almost takes your breath away.

I am no musician, but I do know that his voice varies from being SO very strong and powerful, to something very soft and gentle. Almost invariably, when his last notes end and he quietly sits down, I am in awe at what I have just heard. 'Wow' is what comes to my thought. Also, I have been able to understand every word that has come out of his mouth.  

In addition, when Josh steps onto the platform to sing for us, he plants his feet firmly, just far enough apart that his very presence suggests confidence and power.  And then he opens his mouth and something wonderful always comes out! He is special.”

- Nancy Sellers, St. Louis, MO


“Our family feels privileged to know Josh, a great friend and the soloist at our church. He has the most beautiful and rich tone that I have ever heard in a soloist. It is truly inspiring to hear him sing. He has perfect control of his vibrato, and the lyrics of his solos are always clearly heard. Our church is greatly blessed to have him as our soloist. 

Josh sang the Lord's Prayer at my daughter's wedding in 2016 and it was one of the highlights during the church ceremony. Compliments were without measure from family and friends.”

- Kathleen Schier, St. Louis, MO


"The quality of Josh's voice, with stunning tenor tones, clearly conveys every word. His musicality is inspiring and he does a lovely job of selecting material that would be uplifting to anyone."

- Kathy Pratt, St. Louis, MO


“It’s a joy to send an enthusiastic endorsement of Josh’s singing. I first got to know his voice in the 1990s when he was part of a touring chorus and then again in 2016 when he was the soloist in our church. The audiences at the concerts and in the church congregation loved his voice. He has a commanding presence, a good range, and can sing ‘sotto voce’ as well as with booming power.  We know he will continue to go far in his musical career.”

- Joanie Benjamin, St. Louis, MO

“Josh sings with poise, grace, and stature. His rich and deep voice are a perfect complement to the sacred solos. As he sings, his conviction of the truth behind the words soars into one’s heart. He is truly an inspired and inspiring vocalist.”

- Holly Morris, St. Louis, MO

“Josh's voice is grounded and power laced with love. He uplifts and embraces the listener.”

- Brie Schwartz, New York, NY


“One cannot listen to Josh and not have goose bumps. His talent and inspirational music was certainly meant to be shared!”

- Anonymous


“Singing is about feeling. Josh has a voice that breaks down our resistance to listening and to feeling. Bridges the gaps and empty spaces. Pours in strength. His voice gives me courage.”

- Patrice Emory, St. Louis, MO

“We love to hear Josh sing! He has an exceptional talent. His voice is wonderful. Josh sings with strength, tenderness, clarity, and inspiration. We are always moved by the deep and thoughtful interpretations he gives to the solos he sings.”

- Clark and Carol Beim-Esche,  St. Louis, MO

“What an amazing voice Josh has – truly a gift from God that I’m so grateful he has decided to share with the world. His singing literally gives me goose bumps.”

- Liz Campbell, St. Louis, MO


“Josh’s voice makes me soar! I am very inspired by his voice! It is a joy to listen to him sing!”

- Karen Hertlein, St. Louis, MO

“Josh’s voice is a wonderful blend of strength and beauty.”

- Katrina Wylie, New Jersey

"I have heard Josh sing on a number of occasions. The quality of his voice is equal to the quality of his thought, which is spiritual and filled with integrity and goodness. When Josh sings one is lifted above thoughts of self, fear, prejudice and so forth. His voice truly lifts ones thought to the message he is singing. I am a fan who has felt the touch of his masculine, tender voice that has the strength to heal."

- Carole Cooper, St. Louis, MO

“Josh has an incredible tenor voice, with exceptional articulation. His solo work is inspiring and professional. We have great appreciation for his first two CD’s and are really looking forward to his newest release this summer.”

- Jane and Bob Rieder, St. Louis, MO

"Hearing Josh sing makes me want to hear more. I love his rich tenor voice and his clear talent with the music. He brings such a love of singing, a love of his audience and a love of Spirit to whatever he is singing. Josh leaves the audience in a different place, a more spiritual place of thought. Thank you for that. One special memory was in Israel in a little church empty except for our group and Josh sang The Lord’s Prayer. It was very special."

- Louise Kingsbery, St. Louis, MO

"Josh's solos bring inspiration and healing to our church services. His voice resonates with harmony and perfection as we take in the beautiful message he is delivering. What a gift it is to have him as our soloist."

- Pete and Barb Maurer, St. Louis, MO

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